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DiscSox CD & DVD Storage

Business Solutions

MMDesign has helped many businesses worldwide solve their CD and DVD storage challenges with custom designs including tooling and large scale production.
Organizing and compacting large disc volumes saves valuable space and time accessing specific CDs.



DiscSox are an excellent media for shipping and distributing SW. DiscSox sleeves weigh about ten times less than a standard jewel case and thus reduce the shipping cost significantly.



MMDesign has the capabilities to customize all standard products to accommodate any special requirements (customized logos, colors, CD/DVD packaging and so forth).


Engineering and Design

MMDesign has the Engineering know-how and capabilities to produce custom products from design to large production scale. Design includes tooling as well as materials for specialized applications like storage devices for extremely low temperatures.



Should you have any questions regarding our products or policies, please contact us at info@discsox.com or call toll-free at (888)DISCSOX (1-888-347-2769).


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