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DiscSox® Drawer Divider
Drawer Divider
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DiscSox DVD Storage Sleeves minimize storage space DVD discs and provide ultimate protection
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ArrowUse the space you already have

  • - Dividers can be used for containers up to 24 inches deep!

ArrowOrganize drawers, trunks, chests to store DiscSox sleeves

  • - Separate rows of sleeves with ultra thin drawer dividers

ArrowKit includes 4 dividers

  • - Create 5 rows with just one kit


Drawer DividerDrawer Divider
Drawer Dividers
  • Divide any container into rows up to 24" deep

  • Made from high impact white polystyrene

  • Create customized compartments for any container

  • Includes 12 self-adhesive clips for easy install

  • Works great with Angled Stoppers and Velcro Strips (see Related Items)

  • Dimensions: 1/8" x 24" x 2" ( w x d x h)
Drawer DividerDrawer Divider
Drawer Divider & Clips
DVD Pro SleeveImage of DiscSox CD Pro - 25 Pack
Drawer Divider Example
How To Install Drawer Dividers

1. Determine how you would like to divide your drawer. You can use either DiscSox sleeves or Angled Stoppers as a guide to determine the minimum width of a row.

2. Measure inside depth of drawer.


3. Subtract 1/4" from the drawer depth measurement for self-adhesive clips. This will make sure the divider will fit into the designated space when cut.

4. Transfer the depth measurement - 1/4" and mark all DrawerDividers.Score


5. Score the DrawerDivider with a scratch awl or sharp knife.


6. Break DrawerDivider at the score line.


7. Cut self-adhesive Velcro Strips (2) to the same length as the drawer depth.



8. Clean inside of drawer with rubbing alcohol to make sure the self-adhesive components will adhere strongly to the drawer.


9. Use a Angled Stopper (1) as a guide to place self-adhesive Velcro strips (2) in the middle of the space required for DiscSox sleeves.


10. Attach self-adhesive clips at each end (3) and in the middle (4) of the DrawerDivider


11. Insert DrawerDivider, including clips, in drawer and mark positions of all clips in the drawer.


12. Separate clips from DrawerDivider, remove self-adhesive protection papers from clips and set clips in the previously marked positions.


13. Insert DrawerDivider in clips, then proceed to the next row and repeat steps 5-11.

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Angled Stopper
  • Holds sleeves at a 125° angle and makes them accessible at front of drawer
  • Polished, clear acrylic - 5 13/16" x 4 5/8" (w x h)
  • Includes Velcro® base that attaches to
    Velcro® Strips (not included!)
 $6.50 - Qty:
Velcro® Strips
SKU:  VCST2_rl
  • Two rows of 2" self adhesive Velcro® Strips
    (loop) keep DiscSox Sleeves from sliding
  • Velcro® Strips provide a secure base
    for Angled Stoppers
  • Dimensions: 2" x custom length (width x length)
Price/Yard:  $4.95 - Qty:
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