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DiscSox J-Box

The CD Juke Box Storage Sleeve

"I truly appreciate the ease of use this system offers. I've tried other kits and you've got them all beat hands down. Thanks." - Mark S.
  • Store the booklets and tray-cards (spines) in the most compact and economic way while your compact discs are in a CD Juke Box.
  • Cover and back sheet of the DiscSox J-Box sleeves, are made from polished clear vinyl, originally developed for long-term storage of X-ray images.
    This special copy-guard material ensures that the graphic booklets and tray-cards will never stick to the cover and back sheet.
    Highly polished material enhances the appearance of the booklets and tray-cards similar to a picture frame.
  • Special ergonomic design of the sleeve allows for easy insertion of tray-card (spine) as well as the booklet.
  • Locate any CD in the Juke Box instantly!
    • Organize the J-Box sleeves alphabetically or by category.
    • Number the J-Box sleeves according to the CD location in the Juke Box.
    • Use DiscSox Number Labels for numbering the J-Box sleeves.
    • This numbering system allows you to access any CD directly in your Juke-Box.
  • J-Box Sleeve Dimensions: 5" x 6 1/8" (width x height)
  • The J-Box sleeve does not include a protective fabric

      Not recommended for storing CDs 

    Inserting a CD may cause micro scratches, especially if the CD playing surface slides against the booklet or tray-card.
  • All DiscSox Sleeves (except DVD Pro) are compatible with all DiscSox trays, cases and holders

J-Box Sleeve

Dimensions (width x height): 5 " x 6 1/8" 


Click here for instructions and see how the J-Box Sleeves work


   DiscSox J-Box Sleeves 25 Pack   $8.95 ($.36 per sleeve)

Price:    Reg. $8.95    On Clearance  $3.95
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