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DiscSox® Slider 10"
Slider 10"
$14.45 Qty:

For 10" Shelf Depth
(click here for 12" shelves)

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DiscSox DVD Storage Sleeves minimize storage space DVD discs and provide ultimate protection
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ArrowConvert DiscSox trays to full extension pullout storage units

  • - Trays are removable and do not have to be attached to the slider

ArrowTelescoping movement on precision ball bearings

  • - Get full access to the sleeves stored in the back of the tray

ArrowPerfect for storing media in shelves

  • - Maximize the space available in shelves

  • Caution Trays are not included with slider!
    Click here to order trays


Slider 10"Slider 10"
10" Slider
  • Base is made from crystal clear acrylic, sliders are made from steel

  • Sliders provide telescoping movement on precision ball bearings (rated at 100lbs)

  • Hold-in cushion and positive stop

  • Full 10" to 20" extension

DiscSox Slider
10" Slider
  • Includes 3 screws for mounting slider base to any wood or metal shelf

  • Trays are removable and do not have to be attached to the slider.

  • Works with DiscSox 8" trays and Snap-Fit trays (use long or short base only)

  • Dimensions: 5" x 9 3/4" x 1/2" ( w x d x h)
        Extended: 5" x 19 3/4" x 1/2" ( w x d x h)
How To Install Sliders

The acrylic slider base needs to be separated from the the part of the slider that will be screwed to the shelf (rear piece).


1. Extend the slider all the way.



2. On the underside of the Slider, lift the little lever and rotate up. This releases the slider base from the rear piece.


Score3. Pull the acrylic slider base out and separate from the rear piece.




4. Removing the slider base from the rear piece provides access to the screw holes (arrows) required for mounting the unit.


5. Align DiscSox Slider rear piece with front edge of shelf.


6. Mark 3 locations for inserting screws using the slider rear piece as a template.


7. Attach the rear piece to the shelf with the 3 screws provided.


8. Insert slider base back into rear piece.



  Note: Depending on the shelf material, pre-drilling the screw holes may be required.

Vol. Discounts
No. of Sliders Price per Slider
1 - 4 $14.45
5 - 9 $13.60
10 - 19 $12.75
20 - 49 $11.85
50 - 99 $11.00
100 + $10.15
Volume pricing is calculated automatically based on number of items ordered.
To inquire about wholesale orders send e-mail to Sales@DiscSox.com
or call 1-888-DISCSOX (1-888-347-2769)


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