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DiscSox® Angled Stopper
Angled Stopper
$6.50 Qty:
DiscSox DVD Storage Sleeves minimize storage space DVD discs and provide ultimate protection
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ArrowHold DiscSox Sleeves at an 125° angle

  • - Provides flip-file access

ArrowMove Sleeves to the front of a drawer for easy access

  • - A must when sleeves are in drawers

ArrowIncludes Velcro™ base (hook)

  • - Attaches to Velcro™ strips (not included)


Angled StopperAngled Stopper
Angled Stopper
  • Holds DiscSox Sleeves at an 125° angle

  • Provides easy flip-file access and makes sure the booklet is visible when you flip through collection

  • Made from polished, transparent acrylic

  • Includes Velcro™ base (hook) that attaches to Velcro™ strips (loop) and the drawer lining in SoxChests

  • Makes sleeves accessible in the front of a drawer in case a row is not completely filled up.

  • Angled Stoppers (1) work great with Drawer Dividers (4) and Velcro Strips (2); see Related Items for details

  • Dimensions: : 5 3/16" x 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" ( w x h x d)
Angled Stopper Example
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Velcro® Strips
SKU:  VCST2_rl
  • Two rows of 2" self adhesive Velcro® Strips
    (loop) keep DiscSox Sleeves from sliding
  • Velcro® Strips provide a secure base
    for Angled Stoppers
  • Dimensions: 2" x custom length (width x length)
Price/Yard:  $4.95 - Qty:
Drawer Divider
Turn any 10"/12" shelf into a media cabinet!
  • Divide any container into rows up to 24" deep
  • Includes 12 self-adhesive clips for easy install
    and 4 white, high impact plastic dividers
  • Dimensions: 24" x 2 " x 1/8" ( l x h x d)
 $17.95 - Qty:
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