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DiscSox® Angled Stopper


Angled Stopper

$7.25 Qty:

Hold DiscSox Sleeves at an 125° angle

Move Sleeves to the front of a drawer for easy access

Includes Velcro™ base


Dimensions:   5 3/16" x 2 1/2" x 5 9/16" (width x depth x height)
Note: Height does not includes sleeves and dividers; overall height depends on type of sleeve/divider used


Application: Hold sleeves at a 125° angle and provides flip-file access


Material:  Made from flame polished, crystal clear acrylic

Special Features:

  • Holds sleeves at a 125° angle
  • Provides easy flip-file access and makes sure the booklet is visible when you flip through collection
  • Holds sleeves in place when flipping through collection
  • Includes Velcro™ base (hook and loop). Self adhesive loop strip can be attached to any surface for applications that are at a fixed position