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DiscSox® Book Catalog Software
Book Catalog Software
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Book Catalog Software:
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ArrowOrganize your books with Catalog Software by Readerware

  • - Inventory music by scanning ISBN barcodes with FREE CueCat* barcode reader

ArrowCollect your data while surfing the web

  • - Supports Android and Palm devices

ArrowA must for large collections

*Note: Free CueCat comes with Promo Pack on CD only! Click here...

Book Catalog SoftwareBook Catalog Software
CD/DVD/Books Catalog SW
  • Unique and innovative solution to inventory books

  • Perfect for collectors, libraries, schools...
      Shipping is FREE for all Readerware products!  

  • Drag and Drop support - Catalog your collection as you surf the web. See a new book by a favorite author? Drag from your browser and drop on Readerware, it's cataloged. Even place an order, safely and securely from within Readerware.

  • Auto-Catalog - Readerware can search the internet and automatically catalog the books, music and videos you own. Just scan the barcode or enter the ISBN/UPC. There is no simpler way of cataloging your library. It eliminates the chore of manual data entry.

  • Cover art support - Readerware automatically retrieves cover art along with full listing information, even merging information from multiple web sites for the most complete listings possible. You can also scan in your own images.

  • Thumbnail view - displays all your cover art. Just hold the mouse over an image and a popup displays full information on the title.

  • Android and Palm support, take your Readerware databases with you on your Android or Palm handheld.

  • Wizards - Easy to use Wizards will guide you step by step through Readerware Auto-Catalog, import, export backup etc.

  • Multiple views - Pick from four different, fully customizable view types; the table view with built in editing and unique link cells for easy searches, the tree or explorer view, the thumbnail view, browse by cover art and the revolutionary fish eye view. Create as many views as you want.

  • Reports - large reports collection plus print directly on DiscSox CD Pro Inserts - For detailed instructions click on installation, printing and customization (template download/installation is only necessary if the Readerware Catalog Software has been downloaded before May 2010).

  • Readerware can merge information from multiple web sites, building the most complete database possible, including cover art.

  • Integrated backup and restore - Create a single compressed zip file with all your data, including images, for easy archiving and restoration.

  • Integrated shopping cart/wish list with price comparison - Secure online ordering, browsing and searching of the major online retailers.

  • Comprehensive database searching and sorting
    Book Catalog Software
    CueCat Barcode Reader
    Free with Promo Pack on CD!

  • Extensive export capabilities
    • Export database directly to your Palm OS-based Handheld
    • Export database to Windows-based PDA via CSV file
    • Publish database to the web and get access from anywhere
    • Export database to any application via TAB delimited file

  • Import existing databases in Homebase 2.0, CSV or TAB delimited format.

  • Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Linux and Palm OS.

  • Client/Server edition - Let multiple users access your database with Readerware Client/Server edition, distribute Readerware across your network.

  • Circulation support - Check items in and out, query items on loan/overdue etc.

  • Full Support by Readerware professionals including Online Help, Online Knowledge Base/FAQ, and Online Tutorial

Download Now
  • Simply download, install and find out for yourself just what Readerware products can do. You will have access to all versions of all Readerware products during your 30 day evaluation period, including Mobile support. One functional limitation in the unregistered versions is that exports are limited to 25 items.

        Without a registration key the program will expire in 30 days!

  • If you decide to purchase a license, there is no need to reinstall anything. You will receive a registration key and simply enter it into the product to register your copy. This will remove all restrictions including the time limit. Your registration key determines which functionality is enabled on your system. If you decide Readerware is not for you, the uninstall procedure will cleanly remove it from your system.

  • If you would rather not download Readerware, you may purchase evaluation versions on CD. The CDs are free but you will be charged a nominal amount for shipping and handling. See "Related Items" tab to order.

  • Full Support is available during your evaluation period.

    All downloads Include Music, Movie and Book cataloging software

    Windows   Mac OS X
    Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/
    Windows 7 32 bit installer
    Download Now Mac OS X
    Works for 32/64 bit systems
    Download Now
    Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/
    Windows 7 64 bit installer
    Download Now Mac OS X
    Client/Server support
    Download Now
    Windows Installation Instructions Mac Installation Instructions
    Use the QR code/link to download Readerware from Google Play. Readerware Books
    Readerware Books
    Readerware Music
    Readerware Music
    Readerware Video
    Readerware Video
    Android Installation Instructions
    Palm*   Linux
    Readerware for Palm
    (EXE format, 150KB)
    Download Now Linux
    32 bit installer
    Download Nowdeb
    Download Nowtar.gz
    Readerware for Palm
    (ZIP format, 122KB)
    Download Now Linux
    64 bit installer
    Download Nowdeb
    Download Nowtar.gz
    Palm Installation Instructions Linux Installation Instructions

    *Requires Mobile Edition

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