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DiscSox® Data Sleeves

Build a Kit

with Data Sleeves

Save Space & Get 20% Off!
Data Sleeves - 25 Pack
$5.95 Qty:
DiscSox DVD Storage Sleeves minimize storage space DVD discs and provide ultimate protection
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ArrowStore all contents of original Data CD package

  • - Hold 1 Data CD, CD booklet and tray-card* in one single Data sleeve

ArrowSave space

  • - Store 75+ Data CDs in 12 inches

ArrowProtect and prolong the life of your Data CDs

  • - State-of-the-art CD protection with integrated fabric, archival quality sleeve
  • Recycle Fully recyclable - Archival Quality

*Note: tray-card has to be folded to fit!

CD Pro SleeveImage of DiscSox CD Pro - 25 Pack
Data Sleeve
  • RecycleMade entirely from environmentally friendly polypropylene
    Polished poly with high contact-clarity is used for storing the graphics, providing excellent visibility
    Black poly fabric fully protects the discs and prevents scratching
  • Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer, is 100% recyclable and is forty percent lighter than comparable sleeves.
  • Polypropylene is also resistant to chemical attack, offers a wider temperature range and is the material of choice for long-term archival needs.

  • Using polypropylene makes sure the DiscSox sleeves never stick together

  • Black integrated polypropylene fabric provides ultimate protection

  • Side-loading feature keeps Data CDs free of dust, and fabric "cleans" disc with each insertion

  • Special ergonomic design of the sleeve allows for easy insertion of the CD, Booklet and tray-card

    Image of DiscSox Data - 25 Pack

     Dimensions: 5 3/32" x 5 3/32" (width x height)

How To Use Data Sleeves

1. Hold Data Sleeve with the opening facing to the right and the clear front sheet facing up.


2. Insert booklet in between front sheet and black fabric.


3. Slide booklet all the way into the DiscSox Data Sleeve.

For clarity, the booklet is not shown in the following pictures!


4. Insert CD or DVD behind clear front sheet into the Data Sleeve with the playing surface facing the fabric (the playing surface is the side of the CD/DVD without printing).


5. Insert disc all the way into the Data Sleeve

Vol. Discounts
# of 25-Packs Price per 25-Pack Price per Sleeve
1 - 19 $5.95 $0.24
20 - 39 $5.55 $0.22
40 - 99 $5.20 $0.21
100 - 249 $4.85 $0.19
250 - 499 $4.55 $0.18
500 - 999 $4.20 $0.17
1000 + $3.85 $0.15
Volume pricing is calculated automatically based on number of items ordered.
To inquire about wholesale orders send e-mail to Sales@DiscSox.com
or call 1-888-DISCSOX (1-888-347-2769)


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CD Pro Metal Tray 12"
SKU:  T12M
Also use for DVD2 Sleeves
  • Holds up to 75+ discs in 12" of space.
  • Extremely durable tray construction made from
    powder-coated aluminum.
  • Caution DVD Pro, HiDef Pro, Game Pro and Game Pro PS3 Sleeves do not fit into this tray!
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 13 1/8" x 5 7/8" ( w x d x h)
Volume Discounts
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CD Pro Snap-Fit Tray
Also use for DVD2 Sleeves
  • Holds 75+ CDs in 12" of space - EXPANDABLE
  • Mirror-polished, crystal clear polycarbonate
  • Caution DVD Pro, HiDef Pro, Game Pro and Game Pro PS3 Sleeves do not fit into this tray!
  • Outside Dim: 5 13/16" x 13" x 5 3/8" ( w x d x h)
Vol. Discounts
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24 Classic Dividers Blank/Alpha
  • 24 dividers with one letter per sheet
    (except XYZ)
  • Turn upside down and use as blank dividers
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5 Classic Dividers Blank/Alpha
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    printed on top
  • Turn upside down and use as Blank Dividers
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5 1/2" (w x h)
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CD Pro Travel Pouch
  • Holds 12 DiscSox CD Pro, Classic, Standard, Poly, Data, Video-CD or Photo4x6 Sleeves
  • Provides same flip-through action as the trays
  • Made from high quality twill
  • Dimensions: 6" x 7 1/4" (width x height)
 $9.95 - Qty:
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