Media Storage Solutions for DVD, Blu-ray, CD, Game, Data Discs & Vinyl LPs
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DiscSox Media Storage Solutions

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CD and DVD/Game Sleeves


  • Reclaim up to 75% storage space
  • Store all original content (cover, 2 discs, inserts) in ultra-thin media storage sleeves
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable
Blu-ray DVD Kit


DVD/Blu-ray Disc Media Case

Protect & Store

All CD Storage Sleeves and Movie Storage Sleeves fit seamlessly into metal Holders or Snap-Fit Trays, Travel PouchesCD-DJ CasesDVD/Blu-ray CasesCD/DVD/Blu-ray Storage Chests and Media Storage Cabinets. All storage devices provide instant flip-file accessibility and allow mix-and-match of DiscSox CD Sleeves and DVD/Blu-ray storage sleeves.

State-of-the art DiscSox sleeves, made from high-quality materials, include integrated protective fabric and allow easy access to all compact discs and digital video discs.

High capacity Multimedia Cabinets provide storage and organization for thousands of CDs and DVDs, Blu-ray discs while minimizing required space.

Whether you are looking for DVD Storage, Blu-ray Storage, CD Storage, Game Storage or Data Storage, DiscSox has a solution!

DiscSox DVD Pro Sleeves hold every part of the DVD (booklet, wrap and up to 2 DVDs).
DiscSox HiDef Pro Sleeves hold every part of the Blu-ray packaging (booklet, wrap and up to 2 Blu-ray discs).

DiscSox CD Pro Sleeves hold every part of the CD (booklet, tray-card and up to 2 CDs).

Dividers and Labels provide flexible organization and customization