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DiscSox® Free Tools

Determine how many sleeves fit into a given space

Account for wedges and angled stoppers

Download an Excel version of the tool

Length to Sleeves/Cases Conversion Tool

  • Need to know how many sleeves/cases etc. fit into a given space, this is the tool for you.
  • Works great to find out how many DiscSox sleeves fit into a drawer; just enter the drawer depth and the number of rows.
  • Calculates capacity for all DiscSox sleeves, Amaray, Blu-ray, THINpak, Cardboard, Jewel Cases, Steelboxes and Vinyl Albums
Convert Lengths
to # of Sleeves/Cases    
Use Wedges Enter Length (in inches) Enter # of Rows
   # of Sleeves you can store
Data (1 disc) Data Double (2 discs) Classic/Standard CD Pro Video CD DVD2 DVD Pro HiDef Pro
   # of Hard Cases & Vinyl Albums you can store DiscSox Logo
CD/DVD Jewel Case Amaray Blu-ray THINpak Card Board Case Steelbox Vinyl