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DiscSox Travel

Take your CDs & DVDs on the road or in the air!


Place DiscSox Sleeves in Ring Binders or Travel Pouches

Travel Pouches            Binder Pouch Binder sleeve
  Ring Binder                   DiscSox Sleeves     Travel Pouch  

Select DiscSox Ring Binders and

Select DiscSox Travel Pouches and

  • Place any DiscSox Sleeve directly into Travel Pouch, and
  • Get same Flip-File Access as in trays


DiscSox Travel Pouch
(Holds all CD/DVD Storage Sleeves and Binder Sleeves)
DiscSox Ring Binder
(Holds Binder Sleeves)

Travel Pouch for DiscSox Sleeves:

Travel Pouch-CDFeatures:

 • Travel Pouch holds 12 DiscSox Sleeves

 • Capacity: 24 discs in Binder Sleeves

 • Provides flip-through action like in trays

 • Made from high quality twill

 • Comes in 3 sizes depending on which DiscSox Sleeves are to be stored

Travel Pouch-CD:

 • Dimensions: 6" x 7 1/4" (width x height) for Classic, Poly, CD Pro, Video-CD or Photo4x6, Playstation, Dreamcast Sleeves

Travel Pouch-DVD:

 • Dimensions: 6" x 8 1/2" (width x height) holds all sleeves mentioned above plus DVD Single, DVD Double, Photo 5x7,Game, XBOX, Playstation2 or GameCube Sleeves

Travel Pouch-DVD Pro / HiDef Pro:

 • Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 8 3/4" (width x height) holds all sleeves including DVD Pro, HiDef Pro and Game Pro Sleeves

Ring Binder for Binder Sleeves:

DiscSox BinderFeatures:

 • Capacity:

   24 discs (in Binder Sleeves)

   or 12 sleeves including booklet and one disc per sleeve.


 • Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 7 1/4" (width x height)


 • Made from high quality twill.


Ring Binder CD

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Price:  9.95   Item #: RBCD   On Clearance  $2.95

Select Travel Pouch for: Sleeves



DiscSox Binder

(Holds up to 2 single-sided DVDs, 2 video CDs, 2 CDs or 1 CD & booklet)

DiscSox InformationDiscSox Binder-AF

(Holds up to 2 Double-sided DVDs, 2 Video-CDs or 2 CDs)

Binder AF Sleeve25 Pack Binder
Double-Sided Binder Sleeves

 • fits in all Trays , Cases & Travel Pouches

 • compatible with 3-ring binders

 • most versatile sleeve

 • clear polypropylene

 • unique security flap

 • ergonomic design

 • protective fabric (white, non-woven)

 • Outer hole spacing: 4 1/4" - inner hole spacing: 3 1/8"


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Binder Sleeve25 Pack Binder-AF

Double-Sided Binder Sleeves for double-sided DVDs

 • made completely out of non-woven fabric

 • compatible with all Storage Trays , DJ Cases & Travel Pouches

 • most versatile sleeve  • unique security flap

 • ergonomic design

 • protective all fabric design    (white, non-woven)


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